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Lux sneaks out to see Bug.  Bug tells her that he is getting a legit job 

Back at home, Baze confronts Lux about Bug. She agrees to stop seeing him if he stops seeing Cate’s sister. Lux ends up sneaking out to help Bug hand out flyers. 

Cate gets a call in the middle of the night to the police station that Lux was out past her curfew. The social worker tells them that they moved up Lux’s hearing to the upcoming Monday because she doesn’t feel that Cate and Baze are doing a good job raising her.

Cate feels bad that she couldn’t be there for Lux with the whole Tasha situation, so she goes to Bug’s apartment and offers him a job at her station. Cate basically tells them that it is in the bag, but her studio boss will not let it happen. Lux is furious for believing in Cate and getting disappointed again.

Baze finds out about Cate trying to hire Bug and having it blow up in her face, and he uses this to his advantage to hire Bug.  Bug proves his self-worth time and time again.

Cate confronts Baze about Lux and Baze ends up blurting out that no one cares about Bug - just as Bug and Lux walk in to hear what they are talking about.

They realize that in order for them to pass the meeting with the social worker they will have to life.

This blows up in their faces and the social worker makes Lux tell Cate the truth about her feelings. She could never understand why Cate never came to visit and check on her. Lux tells Cate that she will never forgive her and runs out.

The social worker tells them that what Lux went though was a breakthrough. That they are on the road to mending their relationship - even as unbelievable as that sounds.   She tells them that she will keep Lux with them and that they should even try to get permanent custody of her.

Cate goes to see Ryan and begs him for help. She tells him that she never held Lux when she was a baby because she would not want to let her go. She thinks that he might be able to get through to her since Baze and her cant.

Ryan goes to see Lux and tells her that he really believes that Cate has changed. That she should give Cate another chance. Lux turns this around on him and tells him the same thing.

Lux asks Baze to go back to just being friends and he tells her that that will never happen because he will always try being her dad.

Baze  goes to Abby’s house to talk to her about Lux. Somehow he realizes that maybe his feelings for Abby are true and asks her out to dinner.

Back at home, Cate is working on her laundry when Ryan comes back with Lux. Lux tells Cate that she can’t promise that she will ever get over being mad at her, but wants to come home. Cate couldn’t be more excited to have her back.

When Lux goes to unpack her things, Ryan and Cate get to talking and Ryan tells Cate that he wants to be able to forgive her too and they romantically embrace.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You guys say I need to change for this evaluation, but what about the two of you?


If you are doing this for me, the least I can do is be there for you.