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Paige stops by to meet up with Ryan. Cate tries to get info Julia, but Paige’s lips are sealed.

Baze and Emma are getting busy in his car and they get interrupted by a strange phone call.  He later calls Emma and a strange man answers. He stops by later and confronts her, but she doesn’t tell him anything.

Care and Lux stop by Tasha’s to bring her food. Lux acts weird because Eric is hiding in the bathroom waiting for Lux. Tasha leaves and Eric promises that the upcoming Saturday he will take Lux on a real date.

Lux calls Tasha and gets her to give her Cate’s emergency credit card info so she can get a hotel room with Eric.  Eric later tells her that their situation has no future because of who they are.

Eric brings Lux to Astoria so that thy can do real couple things, but he loses his wallet somewhere. Lux has an idea to sneak into a wedding. They have a great time, but lose track of time.  Their water taxi leaves without them.  

Cate and Ryan go to counseling and are told to be 100% honest with each other.  Later that day, they try avoiding each other to not be honest.  Cate tries to talk to Ryan about Julia, but he leaves and heads to Baze’s.

When Ryan gets there, he gets the guys to get off their butts and go out for a guys night out.

Paige comes to Cates and Cate tries to pry information from her again, but it doesn’t work so Cate offers Paige a girls night out.  Cate ends up getting wasted and Ryan and the guys show up.  Cate wants to know about Julia, but Ryan still wont say anything.

Baze helps Ryan realize what’s important - his relationship with Cate. Ryan takes Cate outside and tells her what she wants to know - the honest truth that he does still have feelings for Julia. Cate leaves angry.

Baze gets to Emma house and bangs on the door waking her up. To his surprise she has a son.

The next morning Lux gets to Tasha’s to find Cate and Baze waiting for them. Cate’s furious that her card was charged for a hotel room in Astoria. Lux begs Tasha to cover for her and she does. Cate’s so furious with Tasha that she takes away all her privileges including playing basketball.

The next therapy session Cate and Ryan decide to do a trial separation and Ryan ends up at staying with Baze.
Lux and Eric meet up again  at Tasha’s and Lux tells him that he’s worth risking the future. They end up making out.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Thank you! I promise I wont go crazy and buy a car or bad peanut butter.


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