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Apryl, Omarion and Miss Leslie discuss Apryl's relationship with her mother. Apryl claims that her mother was never there for her growing up and wasn't affection. 

Later, she meets with her mother and asks her a variety of questions about their relationship and her childhood. Her mother is unmoved and doesn't give her any answers. 

Masika and Berg are in the studio working on her new song, when he asks her to be his date to his all white party. Masika accepts and the two go as a couple. 

Hazel is also in attendance at the party and after Masika debuts her song, Hazel confronts Berg over giving the song to Masika. Sometime later, Masika and Berg discuss their status and decide to enter into a real relationship. 

Back at the party, Ray J decides to apologize to Teairra. The conversation goes downhill once Teairra reveals private information about Ray J and Princess's relationship. 

Ray J assumes she got this information from Mrogan and he confronts her. 

Nia finds out she's pregnant, but when she attempts to tell Soulja, he is surrounded by people and unwilling to give her the privacy to talk. Unfortunately, she suffers a miscarriage, while Soulja is tsill out on the road.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
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