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The reunion picks up with Nikki and Masika still feuding. When Mally Mal is questioned, he takes a shot at Berg and the two exchange words. Ultimately, Masika maintains that Mally Mal approached her once he found out she was going to be on the show, but Mally Mal claims that's untrue. 

Masika also says that Mally Mal still tries to contact her and Nikki denies that. 

Moniece and Amanda square off and Amanda says she was never threatened by Moniece. Amanda admits that she feel in love with someone else while she was with Fizz and she regrets the way things happened with their breakup.

Fizz and Nikki claim they are now just friends and they were distractions for one another after their bad breakups. 

Omarion, Apryl and Miss Leslie briefly discuss their issues during the season and they all proclaim to be in a good place now. 

Ray J and Princess confront Morgan over her perceived lies during the season. There is a lot of yelling as Morgan pleads her case, but Ray J is eventually fed up and asks Princess to knock Morgan out. She agrees and begins a fist fight with Morgan before the security guards can intervene. 

Berg and Teirra have a back and forth after Berg claims the two of them had an intimate relationship. Teairra denies this but Berg insists he has texts and videos that will back up his claims.

Meanwhile, Soulja and Nia are in a good place, although Soulja was upset with Nia for keeping certain things from him. 

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