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Megan's parents come to town.  They are both a handful.  Marie drinks too much and Emile is condescending and hates that Don has money.  


Megan comes up with a great pitch for Heinz.  At dinner that night, the Heinz guy's wife tells Megan they're going in another direction.  Megan tells Don, and they tag-team the pitch right there on the spot.  He loves it.


Abe demands dinner with Peggy so she thinks he's breaking up with her.  Joan tells her he's proposing, but he ends up asking her to move in with him.  She accepts and invites her mother over to tell her.  Mom does not approve.


The Draper gang goes to see Don receive his award, where Megan's father chastises her for giving up on her dreams, Megan's mom sexes up Roger, which Sally witnesses, and Don finds out that everyone there would never work with him.

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Megan: Didn't you notice she touched you six times in an hour?
Don: She's French.

I thought you married Jane because I had gotten old, and then I realized it was because you had.