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Don has a toothache, but won't go to the dentist.  He starts seeing his dead brother everywhere.  Megan wants him to get her a part in a commercial but he denies her.  Eventually he decides to get her the part.


Pete's mistress Beth calls him to meet up for sex.  They do, and she tells him she's getting electric shock therapy.  She gets the treatment and forgets who Pete is.  Trudy tells Pete that he can get an apartment in the city after he gets beat up on the train.


The company is doing well and they buy more office space upstairs.  Peggy is not entirely happy at her new agency, so she takes a break at the movies.


Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Beth: I knew you'd show.
Pete: Because I'm pathetic?

You wanna be somebody's discovery, not somebody's wife.

Don (to Megan)