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Don is trying to sell his apartment and doesn't want to replace the carpet before he does it. He has a difference of opinion from the real estate agent.

Joan gets a call from her mother who has her son on the phone. Joan appears to be in Los Angeles.

Roger has been told he has to go to the Bahamas to give a 2500 word speech about the future of the firm. He wants Don to write it.

Joan is out at the California office to hire candidates. They can only interview at breakfast and lunch because they have to sneak out. She thought they could rank the candidates before hand. Lou says not so much.

Peggy needs Don's help on the Peter Pan account. 

Joan meets with Mr. McCloud, a candidate, because Lou Avery is stuck in traffic. Lou is apparently trying to sell a cartoon to Hanna Barbara. Richard Bergoff is the man who actually came into the office. He was looking for his optometrist. He wants to take Joan to dinner.

Sally is signing travelers cheques. She's going on a school trip and Betty tells her she knows she'll get into some trouble but don't get into too much. It's a cute moment.

Don is disappointed the real estate agent can't sell an empty apartment. He says a lot of wonderful things happened here and she says, we'll you wouldn't know it. He still has a good feeling about things.

Joan slept with Richard. He says he's retired and a millionaire developer. She wonders if he thinks she just fell off the turnip truck. 

Don and Ted talk about the future. What their greatest desire is. Ted's is to land a pharmaceutical. He says that's why he's doing performance reviews.

Richard calls Joan. He's wearing a blue leisure suit. They're going to the Oak Room at 7. He wants her to make an entrance.

Pete and Peggy thing they have a peanut butter cookie problem. Mathis says fuck out loud. Don calls it a crime of passion. 

A young man with wild hair and wicked jeans and sideburns goes to see Sally. He knows Mrs. Draper (ne Frances), but who is he? He has a girl with him. Betty cannot believe it when she realizes it's Glen Bishop. It sure looks like the same actor, but older, slimmer and with surgery. He's enlisted and will be shipping out next week. He's going to Viet Nam. 

At the office, Don is writing his speech and Mathis comes by with a gift of whisky to thank him for believing in him. He tries to give the kid advice using his experience with Lucky Strike as an example. He suggests taking a bar of soap and saying he's got it in case he needs to wash his own mouth out.

Richard and Joan have dinner and real conversation. For some reason he doesn't believe she isn't married. She finally fesses up that she has a little boy and tells him about Kevin. 

Sally calls Glen, but he's not home. She's crying. She's afraid she may never see him again. 

Joan calls the sitter. She wants to stay until 1 but she can only get midnight. Richard seems a little perturbed. Richard doesn't want kids, so he's done with that part of his life. It gets pretty ugly.

Peggy goes to Don because Ted wants her to fill out her own performance review. She hands it to him and he asks her what she sees for her future. She wants to be the first woman creative director for the agency. Then she will land something huge and then create a catch phrase. She wants fame. Don genuinely wants to know what she things, but the more she excited she is about it, the more surprised he is and they butt heads. She hasn't been sullied yet.

It seems that will end up in his speech somewhere. She wants what they all wanted at one time and represents the passion they've lost.

At the Peter Pan meeting, instead of going for the soap joke, Mathis goes for the "I can't believe you guys have the balls to walk back in here again after the way you embarrassed yourselves." Whoops.

Mathis goes to Don to tell him what an awful idea he had and things go from bad to worse and he's fired.

Jim McCloud goes to see Joan. Except this time it's Richard. He's bearing flowers and he apologizes. They're conversation is adorable.

Glen drops by Betty's. He has a beer with her. He always had a crush on her and it appears he still does. He tells her he knows something could happen to him but he knows he'll be OK because she's his. She begs Glen to tell him he didn't do it for her. Glen flunked out and he made his parents proud by enlisting. When Betty tells Glen he'll make it, I knew he wouldn't.

Don's having dinner with Sally and all of her friends before the big school trip. One of Sally's friends flirts unabashedly with Don. When they get on the bus, Don gives the girl an odd look as she flirts again. Sally thinks her parents "ooze" when anyone pays attention to them.

Don gets home to find out his apartment sold. A woman and his 

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Richard: Have you ever been married?
Joan: Yes.
Richard: Boy, did he blow it.
Joan: He did!

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Betty: I'm going to miss you. You should really talk to them about Colonial Williamsburg. You're driving right by it.
Sally: It's 12 states in 12 days. They can't stop everywhere.
Betty: Well, when I did the trip it was six states.
Sally: Weren't they still colonies?