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Henry and Jose find out that their agent, Cecile has been grabbed by the French intelligence agency. At first, they think she'll be released as part of the "spy code" but the new president is extremely isolationist and insists that his government hold her as a message to the States and as leverage to lower France's NATO contribution. Elizabeth responds by providing the French Foreign Minister a list of French agents operating in the US and threatening to arrest them. Cecile is released, by the French president fakes an illness and starts backing out of diplomatic events, and the foreign minister follows suit. Russell starts freaking out because the State Dinner is at risk, and he's using it as an unofficial fundraising opportunity. He's invited several generous donors who are francophiles. He extra stressed because he's burnt all of his bridges with the party with his continuing support of Dalton. Elizabeth manages to fix the situation with the French delegation by inviting them to join an exclusive intelligence sharing consortium with the US, England, Australia, New Zealand, and ?, as well as proposing a joint mission to take down the HS cell that Henry's been tracking. To seal the deal, France is given custody of the apostle statues. Meanwhile, somebody breaks into Elizabeth's office and vandalizes pictures of her family, leaving a message calling for her to resign. Oliver's protege has figured out a way to track the payments the real stalker is making to the hacker. The vandal was a State Dept. janitor that Elizabeth was friendly with. He was paid $500k through an app. They sit up a sting to lure the hacker, and then flip him to discover the backer. Before the State Dinner begins, Elizabeth and Henry confront the orinthologist donor that Russell has been chasing. He had one of his employees organize everything, not expecting the man to flip on him. He assumes that his donations to Dalton will assure Elizabeth gets fired, and is surprised when the president calls in the attorney general to arrest him.

Madam Secretary
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