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Colombia is town to sign a peace deal between the government and the fictional version of a hybrid FARC and ELN. The deal was brokered by the children of the leaders of each group, who fell in love at university. Their parents still don't get along, but want the kids to be happy. But when Soledad freaks out and pulls a runaway bride, tensions rise and the deal is threatened. Because Stevie is the child of a political leader and because she's the only early twenty something on the show (and she did such a bang up job with the poet laureate), Russell has assigned her to Soledad's WH liaison instead of somebody with experience or skill. Luckily, she shows some sense and brings the girl to her mother. After the "grown ups" fail to get Juan and Soledad to meet, Elizabeth sends the younger (and recently heart broken) Daisy and Jay to speak to the young lovers. They get the two in the same room, and then the kids convince their parents to keep the peace deal on even if they aren't going to get married. 

Daisy's boyfriend isn't a smarmy schmuck, but he is dead. She mourns the possibility of them more than him, but is shocked when the FBI bursts into her place with a warrant. Elizabeth reveals that Kevin wasn't his real name, that his job at State was a CIA cover, and that the COD wasn't a heart attack but cyanide poisoning. He was murdered.

Jay's wife gets a horrible haircut, and Jay finds out that she's in the start of a relationship with his (ex) best friend, who he thought had been supporting him in their spat. Jay figures out the not-quite-an-affair with advice from Dateline loving Blake about how to use phone bills to find out if your spouse is cheating. 

Henry's new asset seems prepared for his mission, but when the militia "baptizes" their new recruit, the FBI loses their only way to contact him -- the micro camera embedded in a semi permanent tattoo stops sending a signal.

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Now they're being groomed to run for office. Maybe it'll inspire some of our youth to put down Snapchat and aim a little higher.

Nadine [on the Colombian "Romeo and Juliet"]

Blake: I can't believe what it feels like to Juan-Luis or Soledad. I mean, when I was their age, I thought the pinnacle of pressure was being director of my acapella group.
Nadine: Now they're being groomed to run for office.