On Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 5, Daisy is at the center of a scandal, while former President Conrad Dalton stays at the White House while in town.

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Elizabeth has some big decisions to make on Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 5.

When Russell briefs Elizabeth on the situation with Daisy and the flash drive, Elizabeth quickly realizes that only two people know the truth about Daisy's involvement with the Iranian hack: Claudine Bernard and a journalist named Valerie Gillian.

Elizabeth thinks Valerie is their best bet for clearing this up. However, Valerie refuses to testify on the grounds that she has to protect her source's anonymity. When Valerie ignores a subpoena, she is jailed for contempt of court.

Henry thinks that Elizabeth should pardon Valerie, but Elizabeth doesn't want to because she wants to exonerate Daisy. A press conference goes badly, with all the reporters demanding to know where Valerie is, and soon it is leaked that Daisy had the flash drive. Hanson gets on TV and says that he thinks that since Daisy works for Elizabeth, Elizabeth must be behind the collusion and should be impeached.

Meanwhile, Conrad comes to visit, leading Henry and Elizabeth to wonder why his wife didn't accompany him and why he is spending all his time playing guitar. Conrad has big news for them: he is going to be a grandfather.

Finally, Stevie must decide whether or not to go to Dmitri's naturalization ceremony, and Henry scrambles to fix a broken bust of Eisenhower in time for the unveiling of Conrad's portrait.

To find out what happens, watch Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 5 online.

Episode Details

On Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 5, evidence implicates Daisy in the leak of hacked information and threatens to topple Elizabeth's presidency.

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Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Just because Eisenhower was Conrad's favorite doesn't mean you have to redecorate.


Elizabeth: You're sure this is a swing district?
Daisy: Trust me, this district could decide the whole election.
Elizabeth: It had to be Virginia.
Daisy: You're from Virginia.
Elizabeth [to woman passing by]: You vote today?
Woman: Not for you!