On Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 3, Dana and Peter continue dating casually, while also agreeing that it's okay for them to see other people. When Dana finds out Amy is having a dinner party and Peter is bringing a date, she searches for a suitable date to show off to Peter.

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Watch Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 3 to see Dana and Peter navigate their new casual relationship. The two agree to date other people and not discuss it, until Amy has a dinner party and the two bring other dates. Dana invites her co-worker Tucker, a suave British man, who she has an immediate connection with. At the party, Peter shows up sans a date, hoping to go with Dana. He is disappointed to see Amy with Tucker, however, they both realize at different points that Tucker is gay. Peter intends to throw this in her face, but changes his mind and invites her out on another date instead.

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Dana and Peter agree to date other people but never discuss it, until Amy's dinner party forces them to talk about it on Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 3.

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Manhattan Love Story
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Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Dana and I had just reached the perfect relationship spot. You know, where we know we're seeing other people but we never talk about it. It's all the fun without the guilt.


Are you pausing so that I invite you to the party?