Nico and Tina - Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 6
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Corvus, a phone by Wizard, sends out a signal to one of its users.

Nico is trying to use the same spell that sent them to the dark dimension to save Alex, but she can't use the same spell twice.

Molly, Karolina, Chase, and Gert go to brunch. Max, an intern at Wizard, is handing out their new phone -- Corvus.

The man from the beginning attacks Max when he bumps into him and breaks his Corvus.

Dale has gone into isolation since we last saw him.

Karolina and Molly visit the Church of Gibborim, where Leslie has taken over and expanded.

Tina tells Nico that Robert is gone. She refuses to help Nico get Alex back. Nico threatens to go to Morgan instead. 

Nico gets a text from Robert. She meets up with him at a cafe and tells her he's met someone. 

Morgan shows up and freezes Robert. She tells Nico that she released her from the dark dimension. Morgan healed Robert. 

She unfreezes Robert and he tells Nico that Morgan saved Wizard as well. 

Gert freaks out at Chase when he saves her from being hit by a car and drops her phone, breaking it. 

Stacey and Victor go to an Alien Abductee Anonymous meeting. 

Molly finds Dale living on the Church's grounds. He confirms her belief that her parents were the ones to pick Jonah's sacrifices.

Chase finds a feather in Gert's phone and it disintegrates. She gets mad at him and he gives her his phone to text Max.

Nico tells them that Morgan is in their world. 

Nico uses her magic to figure out what the feather is. It shows them Alex in the dark dimension.

Morgan visits Tamar's house, where Geoffery has moved in. Morgan is opening the Corvus HG in their neighborhood. 

Gert realizes what the phone is doing to her. They all decide to go to a Wizard party that night to figure out what Morgan is up to.

Max tells Gert and Chase that Corvus is going worldwide.

Robert announces Morgan as the new CEO of Wizard.

Molly picks up one of the Corvus phones at the hostel.

Tina confronts Morgan and slaps her before she is thrown out of the party.

Gert tells Chase that they need space apart.

Nico runs into Geoffery and tells him that Alex left them and she is going to get him back.

Karolina sees Morgan's followers practicing dark magic.

One of Morgan's followers overhears Gert explaining what happened to her phone to Max and wipes his memory once Gert leaves.

Karolina and Nico fight over Morgan. Nico goes to Morgan and she allows her and her followers release her from her binds keeping her from accessing her full power.

Nico is accepted into Morgan's coven.

Gert, Karolina, and Chase find Molly entranced by the Corvus phone.

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Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Group Leader: Welcome to Alien Abductee Anonymous. Everyone, find a seat.
Man #1: They looked like hot blonde chicks and they were very interested in me -- sexually.
Man #2: They beamed both me and my cow up. For the longest time, just talked to the cow. Like, I think they thought he was in charge.
Woman: They told me they would reveal the secrets of the universe to me.
Man #1: Then they probed me -- anally.
Man #2: Then they probed me. I don't think they ever probed my cow, they seemed to respect him too much.
Woman: And they probed me with incredible knowledge about the meaning of existence...and with an anal probe.
Victor: Oh, actually I'm just here to support my friend.
Stacey: It's okay Victor, it might help.
Victor: Well, my experience began when an alien ingratiated himself into the friend group. He cured my cancer by injecting me with his DNA which caused me to go berserk and try to kill my son. Luckily, my wife shot me in time. I sabotaged the alien ship and he responded by leaping into my body where I lived in a constant state of drowning. While he was in control of my body, he slept with my wife, imprisoned my son, and indirectly forced me to have sex with her. The only way I was finally rid of him was when his energy was torn from my body as I was thrown into an alternate dimension where I was forced to relive childhood abuse over and over again.
Man #1: When you say that he injected you with his DNA, you mean by anal probe right?
Victor: I was never anally probed.

Nico: What's going on?
Gert: Chase just disintegrated my phone in some kind of semi-psychotic jealous rage.
Chase: No! I found this weird feather in the phone and then, look, it just kind of like self-combusted.
Karolina: What's happening?
Nico: Um, Chase blew up Gert's phone.
Chase: Why do you immediately believe her?
Nico: Feminism.

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