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The year is 1965. Bill and Virginia prepare for their press conference with journalists. Their book is about to be published for the public. The field tough questions from the journalists. Virginia sometimes struggles to hold herself together, especially when questions regarding her education come up. Their press conference turns out to be a success, much to their surprise. Bill figures out that Virginia is pregnant.

In a series of flashbacks to 4 months earlier, Bill is focuses on reading over the book, while Virginia tells him she wants to finish her degree before the book release. They spend a weekend at the lake with Libby and all of their kids. Bill and Libby have continued their sham relationship. The kids are much older now. Virginia's daughter is acting out by getting drunk. She even kisses Bill in a state of drunkenness. Virginia's son is having sex and wants to enlist in the army. When Virginia discovers he wants to enlist, she goes to see her ex-husband, who comforts her. 

Libby appears to be self-medicating. When Virginia's son gets hit by a car, she freaks out, thinking back to her relationship with Robert. Virginia's son is more than fine, but she still loses it in the hospital. Libby has maintained a friendship with Virginia. They have a moment where Libby kiss her, just to see what Bill sees. 

Bill wants peace and quiet from the craziness of the children. He doesn't know how to act around his son. His son seems unsure how to speak to him. He eventually has a tantrum, after seeing Tessa kiss Bill, and grabs the book pages from Bill. He runs out to the dock and throws the pages into the water. It looks like he is about to hit his son, when he calms down before he can harm him.

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

We are the sexual revolution.


Is there not one square inch of my life that you haven't insinuated yourself into?