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Virginia confirms she is pregnant. She plans on getting an abortion, but doesn't go through with it. This upsets Masters, who must hire someone in Virginia's absence. Libby is also upset by Virginia's decision because it means people will speculate if the baby is Bill's. It isn't because it is George's, but she fears the public's opinion. Virginia keeps a low profile in her home, while her daughter pulls away more and more. We jump in time again to Virginia very far along in her pregnancy. Bill has been working with a new doctor, but feels uncomfortable without Virginia by his side. Virginia decides to ask George for a fake marriage to legitimize their child, but to also legitimize her partnership with Bill. George wants the marriage to be real and refuses until Bill says he will write George a large check. George and Virginia get married, and Bill and Virginia release the book. Virginia goes into labor and gives birth to a baby girl.

During all this, Bill has been treating the Shah of Iran and his wife. When Bill tells her she won't be able to give her husband a child, she knows she must leave him because he will get a baby from another woman, and she can't live with that. 

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Conceiving the baby was a mistake. Keeping it was a deliberate decision.


Don't you want to give your kids a real family? Two parents under the same roof having dinner every single night. I know I want that for my kids, and if you had it too, wouldn't that just solve everything?