On Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 1, it's 1965, and Bill and Virginia hold a press conference in preparation for the public release of their study. In a series of flashbacks to four months prior, it is revealed how everyone's relationships have developed.

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When you watch Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 1, you'll see that the year is 1965 now. Bill and Virgina hold a press conference for the release of their study to the public. They face a lot of tough questions, and Virigina doesn't seem to hold herself together too well. Bill figures out that Virginia is pregnant. However, the baby isn't his. Four months earlier, Bill and Virginia spend a weekend at the lake with Libby and all of the kids, who have now aged. After discovering her son wants to enlist in the army, Virginia sought comfort with her ex-husband. Libby has been medicating herself. Virginia is disconnected from both her children. Bill has trouble relating to his son.

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On Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 1, after I time jump to 1965, Masters and Johnson hold a press conference for their study about to be published. Meanwhile, flashbacks to four months prior reveal where everyone's relationships stand.

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Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

We are the sexual revolution.


Is there not one square inch of my life that you haven't insinuated yourself into?