On Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 6, Virginia tried to rekindle her affair with Bill. Meanwhile, Helen goes into labor, and Libby finds herself at a nudist colony.

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When you watch Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 6, you'll see Virginia make work difficult for Nancy. After a confrontation, Nancy learns Art and Virginia did not have sex. Art tries to convince Nancy that Virginia is lying. Bill refuses Virginia's key to the hotel that used to have sex at. Virginia says she loves him, but Bill says he can't trust her ever again. Helen goes into labor, but ends up needing a c-section. She doesn't survive, and Helen's parents keep Betty from seeing the baby. Libby goes with Keller to a nudist colony where he is meeting with his clients. They end up staying the night, where Libby walks around naked and the two of them end of having sex.

Episode Details

On Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 6, Virginia attempts to repair her relationship with Bill. Meanwhile Libby finds herself on an unusual date, and Helen goes into labor.

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Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Nancy: The main factor with me for you is that I am a woman.
Virginia: I'm not sure I know what you mean.
Nancy: You are competing with me. It's an understandable, if disappointing reaction. Women get such a small slice of the pie they tend to fight over it rather than make the slice bigger or share.
Virginia: First of all, I hate pie. Secondly, you're speaking to a woman who has spent the last twelve years bringing women out of the dark ages. There's no greater advocate for women.
Nancy: In theory this is practice. Look, I respect everything you've accomplished. It's why I'm here. I just want to know where I stand.
Virginia: Wherever we tell you to.

I wasn't sad anymore 'cause when I turned around you and our baby girl were standing there. That's when I knew how happy I was. How happy we're gonna be. Just me, you, and sweat pea... a family. Aren't we lucky?