Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 9 Online to see the Dunphys not believe that Alex has a boyfriend! Kristen Johnston also guest stars as Mitchell's coworker.

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Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 9 Online to see Kristen Johnston guest star as Mitchell's coworker Brenda.

Brenda is getting divorced and asks Mitchell if she can crash at his place. Cam convinces him to say yes because he's trying to get Mitchell to warm up to people. Turns out she is pretty sloppy and that makes them panicked since they bought a new expensive white on white sofa.

By the end of the night, they take a lesson in compassion and sweetness from Lily.

Jay and Gloria attend a Bark Mitzvah for Jay's dog park friends. Jay only asked Gloria to come knowing she would hate it. He hoped they would fight and agree that it's healthy to have some separate interests. It backfired.

Somebody has been leaving white roses in the Dunphy's mailbox. Haley thinks they are from an ex-con flower delivery guy she dated. Phil thinks it's because he washed the car in his cheer shorts. Then Alex reveals they might be for her because she has a boyfriend!

Claire and Haley don't believe this boyfriend really exists, but Phil scolds them and says they should have him over. Only before that can happen, Alec the boyfriend, breaks up with Alex because his dad's job is moving them to Africa. When Alex yells at her parents for not believing her, she describes her rebound date who happens to match all these details in her room.

Turns out that he's real too and he's got a bad rap sheet!

Episode Details

On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 9, Phil and Claire worry that Alex has made up an imaginary boyfriend while Mitch and Cam run into issues with their new white sofa.

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 (25 Votes)
Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Claire: Who's Victor? We never heard about him.
Haley: Oh because I knew you'd never let me go out with an ex con.

Haley isn't the only hottie living here. I washed the car in my cheer shorts the other day. I definitely felt eyes on me.