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In the past, Brady saw his mama having private time with some dude on the couch. Does the woman have a bedroom?

Mom is watching Good Morning Ohio in her underwear, scarfing down danish while the reporters talk about a dog always happy to see them who won't get off the couch.

Brady's vision goes blurry as he stares into his fruit loops.

Bill recalls the first time he saw the Mercedes. it was in the rain and there was no tarp. A smiley sticker was on the steering wheel.

BMD arrives at work toothbrush still sticking out of his mouth. He's pissed off that his duo didn't even bother visiting him at the hospital. Hey! His name is Roby.

Roby asks Brady straight out if he fucked with his comupter. Brady wonders what kind of fucked up animal he thinks he is.

Bill is meeting with Janey. She went to the storage space and found her sister's letters from Mercedes.

Brady's letters to Olivia were the perfect guilt fest, calling out his physically and sexually abusive childhood, laughter from all, and a low paying job. His sole intent was to elicit guilt and it worked.

When Bill goes to Peter, he discovers another case is solved. Peter does nothing with the letters and almost finds them irritating. They obviously hadn't done much to consider the progress in forensic linguistics done during the Unabomber case.

The officers find it hard to believe the messages disappear, as if they're retarded. As if smart phones hadn't been invented yet, but they had been if we're to understand the stuff Brady said to his mom.

While Brady was a kid, he was a total shit to his brother, Jerry. He was busy watching TV and drawing clowns and his brother choked to death right in front of him.

Bill is at a bar where the tender is more interested in flirting with girls (texting them while they're right there) forcing Bill to go off on a rant about his day. Principles, manners, and all that jazz. Pete shows up. It's time to go. Bill and Pete aren't friends anymore.

Pete reminds Bill that the case destroyed him. It cost him everything. It won't end until he catches the guy.

Despite Pete's promise he wouldn't let Bill drive home, Bill drives home.

Once he gets there, Bill has a message featuring the same Good Morning Ohio skit he watched about the dog.

There's a knock at Bill's door in the middle of his watch. Nobody answers. It's Jerome's father. He thinks Bill might not be well considering what happened the other night. Since Bill answered the door with a gun in his hand, it wasn't the best conversation to have.

Bill decides to use the arrest of Donald Davis to taunt Brady. Brady's head practically explodes at rage being called Mr. Nothing.

Janey and Bill visit her mother who looks like she's been arranged in a coffin. It freaks out Bill.

Janey and Bill argue over the possibility her sister left the keys in the ignition. Janey knows quite clearly that wasn't the case. Bill didn't like her sister and continues to prove a problem.

Bill will need IT help. He won't be getting it from Jerome, he ensures. When Jerome wants a chipwich, they're both pissed when Brady the ice cream man passes them by. WTF? Jerome decides he's a drug dealer.

Inside there are no new messages.


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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Bill: It's not just the letters, Pete. He sends me messages through the computer.
Stupid Woman: Your PC is talking to you?

Anybody who intentionally mows down a bunch of people is a suck fuck but...this guy is so much worse.