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Bill is watching a video of Janice celebrating her daughter's one month birthday. It's another message from Mr. Mercedes. This time, he offers a reply option. When Bill presses play, it takes him to the UVid site. "The World's Most Beautiful Baby." At the same time, he hears a noise outside.

Checking the cams he had installed, he sees nothing and almost blows Fred's head off. Someone is in the back yard, and when Bill screams he'll blow his goddamned head off while waving his gun around, a kid tries to jump his fence and receives a compound fracture to his arm.

Ida comes out. She calls the police and later delivers Bill whiskey to ensure any drinking he's doing is as a result of the incident and not his prior drinking.

She sticks around after the cops leave to talk about his weathering his recent retirement. She offers help, but he's stubborn as hell.

When she leaves, Bill replays the incident over and over in his mind. It seems like he's going to throw up. He's getting the video he was watching and the protruding bone all mixed up in his mind.

Meanwhile, at Express Emporium Lou is dealing with an unhappy customer who finds her alternative lifestyle choice unsatisfactory. She finds him unsatisfactory. When boss man dude does as well, Brady laughs, and BMD finds both Brady and Lou unsatisfactory.

Bill shows Jerome the video, explaining it arrived in a similar email and was attached to a link inside. Bill tries to explain how the version he received was distorted and Jerome connects it with the Mercedes case.

It makes Jerome pleased to help.

Peter gives Bill a call about the incident. He's going to need Bill to go to the station. Bill dresses in his Sunday finest to do it right.

Peter even got annoyed at Bill standing still in the parking lot, so the conversation didn't start well.

Bill was taking a measure of being in the place where he was for 30 years. He never did while he was there, but now when he comes, he sees things as if for the first time.

Peter wants Bill to find a hobby. Bill wants everyone to fuck off.

Brady is painting what looks like blood stains while his mom pounds at the door. She wants to go down there, but he won't let her. She wants to talk. Now.

She wants to know about the secret project that's going on in her house. While Brady listens to her, he picks at the skin along his thumb, making it bleed.

She agonizes every night worrying about what's going on in Brady's life. Either he cares about how she feels or he doesn't, she says while crying.

Bill drives by a large house that's for sale. He recalls a time when he was there with Peter. They were asking the owner of the Mercedes questions. She was incredibly specific about how she had the key. Many apparently blamed her for the tragedy, at least partially.

While he's thinking about it, a man comes up on the driver's side of his door to find out why he's there.

At Supreme Electronix the duo is getting a lecture and Brady gets the date of his next kill.

Bill delivers to Ida a dessert to thank her for her assistance the night before. She has to remind him he's retired and he can have some tea.

Bill wonders why him. She admits he's convenient. And charming.

They talk again about his fitness and he takes his leave.

In the mail, he has a not so sunny smiley face on a letter waiting for him. He has to lean against a wall to open it.

Brady taunts him about his potential suicide, being alone, drinking too much, being depressed, and eating poorly.

He got him a login and password under a site called Under Debbie's Blue Umbrella. KermitFrog19/Smush.

Jerome knocks on the door with his dog just as the ice cream truck comes by. After he tells Bill how to get onto the site, Bill asks that he doesn't come around anymore.

Brady tries to tell his mom he's making a super controller so he can do whatever his wants. He calls it Thing B. It controls traffic lights right now. He is going to make them millionaires.

Bill arrives at Janey's house. She's the sister of Mrs. Mercedes. Officially, he's not there, but she wants to catch the fucking prick, so she's fine talking with him.

Janey reveals MM encouraged her sister to take her own life in a series of letters. She shared them with the police, but they didn't think anything of it. Bill might need that cup of coffee.

When Lou leaves for the night, BMD starts watching porn for masturbation purposes. His computer blows up and he's injured.

Lou finally looks at Brady in a questionable fashion. Or is it wonder?

Janey wonders why Bill hasn't contacted the police with his letter yet. He doesn't have a lot of confidence in the police.


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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Peter: The latest medical advice for men of advancing years is they might want to cut back on drinking their weight in vodka and beer.
Bill: Crazy talk.
Peter: You'll die, Bill. Like real soon.
Bill: Fuck off.

Peter: Bill. How much you been drinkin' lately?
Bill: Not enough.