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Brady is sitting outside the location of the job fair, sucking in the excitement he recalls and jacking off. The boy is not wired correctly, that's for sure.

In between visions of smashing bodies, he sees his mother's lace panties.

Bill pulls up to his house in the morning and Ida turns her back on him. Bill notices she's not the same, wondering if he stepped in shit. When she plays dumb, he compliments her hair.

Bill recognizes his house has been disturbed. The record player is at the end of an album, the back door is open and an apple is sliced with cinnamon spread over the slices. I'm worried for Fred, but Bill doesn't think to check on him.

Instead, Bill checks his video footage and finds nothing but deleted footage.

Brady arrives at work. He recalls the moment he stole Olivia's keyfob signal.

Someone, somewhere will say she deserved it for not being nice.

Inside, Lou has the news of Ryan's death up on her laptop. She has OCD about Karma and was wishing all night long that he would die. She won't let it go, and even connects her hate for Robey and his blown up computer.

Robey wants Brady to take a ride with him, a ride into his future.

Bill and Jerome are catching up at a diner. Jerome thinks it's possible it was Ida in his house, after all, she wanted to get in his pants only recently.

Jerome talks about cloud computer storage. Bill thinks he's making this shit up.

Robey is suggesting Brady to take his place for store manager so he can move to the next location.

Brady says he's surprised because he didn't expect Robey to be nice to him. Robey says he's the best thing that ever happened to him because he's not nice and that builds character.

Bill goes to his fishing buddy who promises to take a look. At least he's willing to contemplate the fact the Mercedes killer might be gearing up another run.

Brady is making hamburger patties laced with rat poison. Killing the dog is still on.

Deborah looks god awful.

Janey calls Bill because her mother is having one of her good days. He should come over. When he arrives, he fusses with his private dick hat before going in.

Janey's mother is funny. When Janey thinks she's gone "out again" mom waits a few beats and screams BOO to get her going.

Olivia was OCD, very depressed, she didn't want to go out. She was very moved by the incident and by her Penpal Gerald, who spoke to her under the blue umbrella.

Livvy was delusional and seeing things by the time she took her life. She and Gerald had a death pact, but Janey's mom doubted he kept up his end. When she finally looks Bill in his eyes, she recognizes those little pig eyes. She always thought Gerald was him, coming back to finish the job.

The two argue and Janey walks away angry.

Brady drives up to Jerome's house to feed the beautiful retrieves poisoned meat. I don't know that I can watch. Jerome is walking ever closer with his friends. Will he be there in time?

Jerome saw Brady outside the car wearing gloves hastily getting into his car and driving away. He's been very smart about everything else. Will he put this together, too?

Bill visits Janey to apologize and hope they can share their passion to capture the killer if not anything else. She closes the door in his face.

When Brady gets home, the fire department has just pulled up. They need him to open the door or they will break it down.

Deborah comes down after Brady receives a ticket for unnecessary use of the fire department wondering why he didn't offer the gentlemen a drink.

Bill is feeling. Janey opened that up in him, and he reaches out to his daughter, Ally.

He's also drinking in the backyard, Ida is watching and Jerome pops by with another digital camera.

Bill sits down, gets comfy and dials up Brady. Brady taunts Bill with knowledge of his daughter, and Bill gets Brady back with a good guess of his cliche ridden past. First sexual partner? Mommy. Current sexual partner? Mother.

In the game of who stares the longest, Bill won. Striking with the screwing your mama iron was too hot for Brady to take and he claimed boredom and signed off. Later, laying in his bed, mama wanted to come in and slay the big witch. The sick bitch grabbed his penis and began stroking it. This time, though, Brady freaked.

While Bill listens to music and drinks, Brady wallows, and Deborah vomits before attempting to drink even more.

Deborah dumps her vodka down the sink. Bill isn't so moved.

Mr. Mercedes
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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Janey: You know, the killer could have taken someone elses car, committed the exact same crime. Why did you have to treat her like that?
Bill: It wasn't as bad as your mother makes it sound.
Janey: I DON'T believe you! That's exactly the way Olivia made it sound. Hostile. You were hostile to her!
Bill: Yeah, well, truth be told, she was hostile to us, too. She cared more about her stupid car than she did about her victims. She treated us like assholes.

Robey: At some point, a person's number comes up. Do you know what that means?
Brady: That they die.
Robey: No. Not that number. The opportunity number.