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Nancy confronts her dad about Dead Lucy. 

George shows up at Nancy's house and tells her that Ace has been in an accident. 

Nancy meets her friends at the hospital. Ace is in a coma. The chief sees Ace's spirit. 

Bess tells the chief everything they know about the supernatural. The chief decides to help them lead Ace's spirit back to his body. 

Nancy, George, Carson, and the chief form a circle. George enters the spirit world and looks for Ace. 

George is held back by the conflict between Nancy and her dad. Carson promises that he didn't kill Lucy and will tell Nancy the truth about everything. 

Bess confronts her girlfriend about helping the Hudsons, and she reveals that she's an undercover cop sent to get intel on the family.

Ace's spirit isn't at the scene of the accident, so George goes back to the night Ace thought his dad was going to die. She finds Ace as a child, and leads him back. 

George wakes up, and she, Nancy, and the chief go to check on Ace at the hospital. His spirit is back in his body, but he still hasn't woken up. 

Lisbeth tells the rest of the gang the truth about herself. Nancy turns in a set of documents to the police, which reveals who the dirty cop was. 

To keep her cover, Lisbeth and Nancy stage a fight in front of the Hudsons. 

Carson tells Nancy that he didn't murder Lucy and he was afraid the Hudsons did it. He used their money to take the family far away.

George goes back to the diner to pick up her sister, but she can't find her anywhere. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

George: What are you doing?
Nancy: Last time we talked, Ace and I had a difficult conversation.
George: About what?
Nancy: He felt like he was letting us down, and he wanted to prove something. Trying to figure out if Laura was connected to Tiffany's death. That's why he was with her.

Nancy: Bess, can you unlock this, please?
Bess: What makes you think I know his passcode?
Nancy: You two are that kind of close.