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Arms dealer Abram Sokolov has returned from hiding, tricking his sister Vladlena into meeting him for dinner. The chemical tracker on him has worn off. Arkady bangs on Callen's door at an early hour. Vladlena texted him the night before, and he thinks she's in trouble. Callen takes Arkady to Mosley. Hetty suggests sending Eric undercover at Leigha Winters' firm. Deeks and Kensi find blood in the room at the restaurant when Vladlena ate. Sam and Callen stake out Abram's potential hotel. Sam spies a man carrying a gun, and he, Callen and Arkady tail him. They find Anna and the man, who is Gary Baker, her partner with ATF. Mosley has doubts about Eric. Anna said Sokolov is there to buy cigarettes, to convert into cash back in Ukraine. Eric worries that Leigha has disappeared, but Hidoko is watching her outside. Callen admits he and Anna haven't seen much of each other lately. Sam, Callen and the ATF pair check out a spa, a lead that Arkady offered. Callen finds Vladlena chained up in a sauna. She told Abram everything, about NCIS and Leigha Winters. Nell sent an ATF team to check out a warehouse, but they got there too late. Abram intercepts Vladlena's ambulance and he takes Arkady, to exchange for Leigha. The exchange is set at a cemetery. Abram is going after the money at Leigha's firm. Callen tells Eric to clear the builiding. No one believes Eric, but Hidoko comes in and saves him. Abram's men capture Eric. Abram wants him to help with a money transfer. Sam, Callen, Anna and Gary arrive. Anna and Callen take off after a fleeing Abram. Anna shoots Abram, but he had no gun. Callen covers for her. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 18 Quotes

Mr. Deeks, I was locked in a cage with a starving tiger, not under a rock. I know who Abram Sokolov is.

Hetty [to Deeks]

Maybe you could buy a little furniture or something.

Arkady [to Callen]