Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 15 online, to see how when Sam and Callen head off to follow up on a lead and disappear, the team realizes it must have been the work of terrorists.

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Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 15 online.

Sam and Callen meet a supposed informant in the middle of nowhere and are suddenly ambushed. They didn't see the attack coming, and are caught off guard.

Kensi mocks Deeks for his new eating clean fad, just as she does for all his trendy habits. They bicker and have a playful argument until they realize that Callen and Sam are very late for work.

Own and Hetty discuss a case when Kensi, Deeks, and the rest of the crew interrupt them -- worried about Sam and Callen.

Sam and Callen wake up in a desolate room with no way out.

Nell and Eric were the last ones with contact and debrief the rest of the gang on the situation.

They're search for a supposed missing NSA analyst has led them to this room. They discover an access panel under some tarps.

Sam and Callen make their way through the access panel into a tunnel, and then to a gated exit up and out of their holding place.

Kensi and Deeks find their partners' car and try to piece together the puzzle.

Owen brings up a question about the timing of the kidnap -- considering they had a big operation about an ISIS informant about to go into play.

Sam and Callen touch trip wire and are almost killed. They get warned and helped by an NSA agent -- presumably the missing one.

Kensi and Deeks apprehend a suspect, and the gang at the office discovers the identity of the missing NSA agent. It turns out to not be the man with Sam and Callen.

Owen forces Kensi and Deeks to aid him in taking down the only known ISIS cell in existence rather than take charge of the operation to rescue Callen and Sam.

Sam, Callen, and the imposter, try to double back into the building to find a way to disarm the fences.

When they break back into the building, Sam discovers the true missing NSA agent.

Kensi, Deeks, and Owen take position at the restaurant. However, the imposter has revealed the meeting place and time so our gang is in danger.

It actually turns out that Callen gave them the wrong location -- him and Sam knew the imposter was lying right from the start.

Callen found a way to inform NCIS about the situation and they had the ISIS team surrounded by their own. A shootout occurs and the men that were going to kill Deeks, Kensi and Owen are either apprehended or killed.

Sam and Callen have a shootout with the imposter, Jamal, and eventually chase him down and end up having to kill him.

Back at the office, safe and sound, Callen breaks down how Sam knew that Jamal was an imposter, and how they managed to contact NCIS and retrieve their weapons. They managed to get out of their mess once again.

Owen sees that Deeks has made his "famous" nachos and adamantly demands to finally try one. Hetty laughs and says that it makes sense that only Owen and Deeks would like those nachos.

Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 15 online to watch how Sam and Callen get the best of their abductors.

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On NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 15, when Sam and Callen head off to follow up on a lead and disappear, the team realize it must have been the work of terrorists.

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Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counteraccusations. Nice try, we went to the same interrogation classes.


I'm not sure I'd be throwing stones Mr. Glass-greenhouse