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Pride is following Stone, Mayor Hamilton's security consultant, to a seafood warehouse. Stone starts shooting at Pride in a crowded street, killing a tourist so he can escape. Stone warns Hamilton that his partners are concerned that NCIS keeps investigating. LaSalle appeals to Judge Dorsey for Percy's release. Patton sends Pride a group of VIPs that are coming to New Orleans the next day, any of whom could be Stone's target. Hamilton blames NCIS for the shootout. Deputy Director Sanchez orders Pride to stand down. LaSalle gets Percy out. All the VIPs are gathered for one function. Pride gets Hamilton to come to his bar. Pride attacks Hamilton and plants a bug on him. Hamilton is promoting building a shipyard in Clearwater, which is why the VIPs are in town. Holdout Congresswoman Angelou, who is concerned about the remaining Clearwater residents, is the target of the hit. An exhausted Pride heads out to warn the congresswoman, but she thinks he's in league with Hamilton. Patton thinks the hit is going to happen at a seafood restaurant with poisonous seafood. To saver her, Pride runs over outside tables including hers and gets arrested. NCIS HQ suspends the New Orleans unit.  Stone goes after Pride. Pride goes after Hamilton by himself. Pride finds Stone at his bar. Assassins jump him then a bomb goes off. There's a body left in the rubble and the team is afraid it's Pride. Hamilton poisons the congresswoman. Loretta announces it's not Pride's DNA. Pride has Stone in his trunk.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

Pride: Good work getting us those names, Patton.
Patton: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Gregorio: It's not your fault, Pride.
Pride: No, it's Hamilton's.