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The episode's case involves a dead Naval Flight Officer, Naval Lt. Michael Reid, who was kidnapped the previous night. There are three calls to Sebastian on the dead man's phone. The same couple that took Reid kidnaps Sebastian the next day. Pride and LaSalle discovers Sebastian's phone nearby the restaurant where he had been having breakfast with his visiting mother Sylvia. Sebastian wakes up in an abandoned power plant tied to a chair next to a prison guard, who then is shot. The couple that took Sebastian threaten those he cares about and tell him they require his help with a prison break. Gregorio uses an experimental FBI tracking program to find where the van in which Sebastian had been. Pride and Gregorio arrive at the nearby power plant too late to find a burned corpse, but it wasn't Sebastian. LaSalle and Patton discover that Reid and Sebastian are the top two players in Louisiana in an online virtual-reality escape game. Nervous Sebastian and Novak, the man who took him, enter Lafitte Prison disguised as guards. Novak expects Sebastian to take over the prison's computer system to aid in the escape. Patton figures out who the targeted prisoner is, and the squad heads to the prison. Sebastian needs an emergency to take over the computer system, so Novak lights the kitchen on fire. They break out Gordan Bogdan during the chaos, crawling out through a drain pipe. Gunfire breaks out, and Sebastian could have escaped, but he instead jumps into the back of the bad guys' escape pickup. Patton tracks Sebastian's tablet, but the battery in it dies. The squad ends up at an intersection, with no idea which was to go. So Sebastian blows up the pickup truck as a signal. Sebastian falls while running from Novak, but knocks him out with a branch.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Pride: Suit at the cleaners?
Gregorio: Casual Tuesdays.

Mom, I work at a crime lab, not a coffee shop.