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Mayor Hamilton is attending Fight Night between the Navy and the Marines. Navy Chaplain Morgan  has been shot dead. Percy is still jailed for contempt, thanks to Hamilton's influence with the judge. Hamilton taunts Pride about Percy being locked up. Morgan was also the pastor at Clearwater Baptist. LaSalle and Pride talk to Petty Officer Rudd, who Morgan was trying to reach. Morgan told Rudd there's a new threat in Clearwater. Pride thinks it has to do with Hamilton. Percy gets moved to general population. Sebastian found surveillance equipment in Morgan's office but no data card. Fiberglass evidence leads the team to a boatyard in Clearwater. Pride takes down a man at the boatyard, but he is rescued by a carload of  gun-toting men. The thug Pride beat up ran to Hamilton and his security man, Stone. Percy calls LaSalle about her move. He tells her to get herself safe. So she attacks a guard and gets sent to solitary. Rudd is followed by a carful of military men but escapes them. Patten identifies the killer as Anton Warshak, then the D.A. takes all Patten's equipment in suspicion of cyber-crime. Patten is banned from computer use. The team tries to use Morgan's last words "Trust in the Word" to find the missing data card from the surveillance camera. Patten comes back to Loretta's lab and works from there. They find the data card in a Bible. The mercenaries track the team to the church and open fire. Rudd flips on the backup generator, blinding the mercenaries, then Pride and LaSalle gun them down. Stone is shown on the data card planning an assassination. Pride lets Stone go, so he will lead them to the hit team. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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