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Pride threatens Garcia at Eliza's funeral. Isler and Pride argue over how to pursue Garcia. LaSalle meets Percy at the airport and catches her up. Sebastian is hedging on becoming a field agent. Patton gets pulled out of his Gamblers Anonymous meeting for Pride's meeting. Pride explains he and Gregorio plan to go after Garcia alone, but everyone wants to help.With Eliza's family's assets frozen, Garcia is strapped for cash. They find Garcia is at the race track, trying to turn $2 million into the $20 million he owes the cartel, and they figure out that Garcia is cheating to win. LaSalle spooks Garcia's horse, which causes it to run away. Patton electronically takes over an off-track betting site to trick Garcia into betting on a race that's already been run. Pride pressures the mayor into helping him. Sebastian is undercover as the owner of the OTB site. Garcia takes Sebastian to his house, and leaves his thugs with him as he returns to the OTB. Patton delays all broadcasts of the race. They get Garcia's money then flash back to the live feed and bust him. LaSalle and Percy go in after Sebastian, only to discover that he's knocked out the bodyguards with a golf club. Isler returns and Pride tells him Garcia wants to confess to everything, as long as he gets witness protection. Pride grudgingly goes along with it, in the hopes it will clean up New Orleans. Sebastian is back on for NCIS training.  Isler got the Department of Defense to authorize a position for Gregorio. Garcia gets killed by a car bomb. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Sebastian: It wasn't just lack of training that made me freeze up. It was also lack of confidence.
Loretta: Don't be too hard on yourself.
Sebastian: It's one thing to want to expand your horizons, but a lot of people's lives depend on it. I want to help the team, not hurt them. I'm just not sure how I can.

I promised [Eliza] I would protect her from you. Now I promising you, one way or another, you're going to pay for this.

Pride [to Garcia]