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Torres and McGee have been sent to New Orleans tracking the stolen hypothetical terror playbook. Torres is undercover, following Ferdinand Pisco, a potential buyer of the playbook. Pisco gets killed by a masked individual, and Torres gets arrested by a local cop. Prude dresses down Torres for not checking in with him. Sebastian fishes the victim's cell phone out of a gutter. The terror playbook is going up for auction during Mardi Gras. Gibbs offers assistance to Pride, who declines. McGee helps Sebastian track a group of burner phones that included Pisco's. LaSalle and Percy track one active burner, to find a woman who had just been stabbed. She was Monica Grange,another potential buyer. Pride lets Gregorio go undercover as Grange. McGee and Sebastian come up with a plan to draw out the remaining three buyers. Gregorio goes to the meeting with Eva Azarova, a Russian sleeper agent who worked with the squad previously and who pulls a gun on her. Eva stole the playbook. Azarova invites Gregorio up to her room, to show her the playbook. Gregorio takes down Eva, who admits to the espionage but not the murder. Two gunman come in firing and steal the playbook. A third gunman abducts Torres. The team is led by Victor, Eva's mentor. Eva admitted the playbook was meant to draw out Victor. Eva suggests trading her for Torres. McGee and Sebastian are piecing together camera feeds to track Victor's SUV. When they find it, Percy and LaSalle have to search a 30-story building for Torres. Eva stabs Victor before he reveals Torres' location. Torres escapes and takes out one captor, while Percy and LaSalle shoot the other. Eva kisses Gregorio on the way to prison.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Torres: Think you could take these handcuffs off me yet?
Pride: Haven't decided yet.
Torres: Pride, my second impression is so much better than my first.
Pride: One can only hope.

Pride: You make quite a first impression, Nick Torres. Less than two hours in my city and you get arrested as a suspected murderer.
Torres: That's gotta be some kind of record.