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Stone goes flying off the rooftop where he and Pride had been talking. Joan Swanson calls NCIS about Stone's body. Loretta finds Pride's fingerprint on the body, then smears it.  Gregorio calls in Isler to investigate, and convinces him to get them their badges back to help him. Gregorio and Isler go to Mayor Hamilton's office, but he's missing. Hamilton has answered a call he thought was from Stone, but it was from Pride. He draws a gun on Pride but shoots himself, then Pride throws him in his car. He calls Loretta to have her talk him through removing the bullet. A tracking device leads the police to Hamilton and Pride, but they escape. Sebastian finds explosives on Stone's clothing. Pride handcuffs Hamilton inside the church in Clearwater, where he expects the bombing to happen. The team brings in Swanson to help figure out the target in Clearwater. They take down two of the mercenaries, but one sends a virus.  The target is the floodgates of the industrial canal, which will overflow and flood Clearwater. The explosives are to blow the levees. A cop sees Pride and gives chase and he's soon surrounded. Isler calls NOPD Captain Estes and says that Pride is working undercover for him. Pride texted Gregorio and Sebastian with the levee that's being sabotaged. He tries to disconnect the explosives but draws fire. LaSalle, Percy and Swanson show up to rescue Pride, but he disappears. He goes back for Hamilton. Isler and Gregorio walk in on Hamilton's confession and Pride arrests him. Percy thanks LaSalle for getting her out of prison. They pledge to try to set aside their personal feelings for each other. Pride's bar is a wreck but the jukebox still works. The team shows up to clean up his bar. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 24 Quotes

You're not going to push these people out. You're going to flood them out.

Pride [to Hamilton]

Percy: I hate it, but it kind of makes sense.
Isler: Thanks for your generosity of spirit.