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A petty officer jumps to his death off a construction site. Pride and Sebastian find shrapnel from the Javier Garcia car bomb. The Seabees are in town to install high-speed fiber-optic cable. Petty Officer Howard is suffering from the same symptoms. The unit had received a poisoned King cake. Four more sailors come down with the same symptoms. LaSalle and Gregorio find the bakery the cake came from closed, and the baker dead. From surveillance, Patton discovered the missing Commander Lopez was at the bakery just before LaSalle and Gregorio. Loretta has also contracted the virus from exposure to the first body. Sebastian is going on base in hopes of formulating an antidote. Pride goes to visit Mayor Hamilton to keep a lid on the story. Hamilton will only cooperate if Pride turns over all the evidence he has on Hamilton in the Garcia case. Lopez and two other Marines are found burnt up in the stolen car the team was tracking. Two disguised Chinese agents have gone on base and met Sebastian. Worried about Sebastian, Loretta collapses. Sebastian gets suspicious of the two agents. The squad finds out that Lopez's team was building a ship-activation unit, the first on the East Coast, and the agents are looking to steal the data. Sebastian pulls the fire alarm and gets into a fire-fight with the agents. While trying to escape, one agent gets shot while the other kills himself with cyanide. The agents were transferring the stolen data as they fled, and the team tracks down another agent. Sebastian threatens to inject him with the virus to get the antidote. He gives it up, then gets shot from outside, with only a bullet casing to be found. Loretta is saved. A print on the casing matches a print on the detonator in the Garcia car bomb. Pride gives the mayor an empty folder. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Loretta: Sebastian's a hypochondriac.
Sebastian: Some might call it extra careful.

A man doesn't just jump for no reason. We need to find out what drove him over the edge.