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On his first day as a field agent, Sebastian accidentally wakes up Pride at 5 a.m. Lt. Annabelle Shaw is one of four killed at a federal server farm, with terra-bytes of data stolen. A handful of incriminating videos of city officials under investigation are released on the Internet. They trace the hack and find Elvis Bertrand. Elvis offers to help Pride find Ethan Beck, whose Collective is behind the hack. Mayor Hamilton, whose sex tape goes viral, offers to help Pride any way he can. The team captures one hacktivist, Aviva, who contacts Beck. Beck then takes over and shorts out the NCIS network. Gregorio suggests profiling Beck in order to find him, with Elvis's help. Beck floods their network with old negative emails, creating tension in the squad room. Hamilton realizes that the sex tapes mean that he's under active investigation. Gregorio's profile helps them track Beck to a boat at a local marina, where they find Beck overdosed. Loretta rules he was murdered. Tattoo ink leads Sebastian and Pride to Damon Yang, a former Triad member who joins the Collective. Damon is searching for his father, who is being held  at a CIA black site. Yang has gone to the cabin of Jordan Harper, a CIA agent, and exchanges fire with Percy and LaSalle. Elvis shuts off the power at the cabin, then Yang flees and is killed when he refuses to surrender. Elvis's parting gift is positive emails written by team members. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Gregorio: This guy's in the middle of a crusade, exposing people left and right, then he just offs himself. Does that seem right to you?
Pride: Nothing about this seems right.

Pride: I'm surprise at how little it took to throw us off our game.
Loretta: No one's off their game. We're a family and families bicker.