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Three men are killed during a poker game aboard the Creole Queen,including a Naval officer, Henry Warbeck. The lone survivor is notorious former Navy analyst turned hacker Elvis Bertrand, who is now on the run. He contacts Pride, who meets him at a bar. When FBI agents, led by Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, crash the party, Elvis kills the light and disappears. Pride and Gregorio pursue separate investigations of Warbeck who worked in Sirtel, a special cyber-division. Pride finds out that the dead officer had contacted Elvis about a hacker he discovered. Meanwhile, both LaSalle and Percy are getting interrogated by the FBI about the cartel mole. They follow Gregorio after determining that she has a lead. Pride tracks Elvis to a carousel, but, after talking to Pride, Elvis opts to stay on the run rather than trust the FBI. After another stumbling attempt to talk about their , LaSalle and Percy get made by the FBI and sidelined. At the same time, Pride is chasing the dead officer's brother and the hackerfeelings, James Connor, who shoots at Gregorio and Elvis. Elvis, under arrest, explains to Pride and FBI Director Raymond Isler how he tracked the hacker. Isler wants to arrest Elvis, but Pride convinces him to let Elvis lead them to Connor. Elvis and Warbeck's girlfriend Grace head back into Sirtel, when the security feed gets cut. Percy and Gregorio cut down Connor, but his partner is still on the loose. Grace is soon revealed to be the co-conspirator. Isler closes the investigation of the team, but the FBI will be hanging around to continue to hunt for information about the cartel. Pride suggests that Gregorio gets temporarily attached to his team for more efficient operations.

NCIS: New Orleans
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