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A drone attack causes a sailor to fall into the water and drown near a pumping station. The victim was one of ex-Mayor Hamilton's cronies, who got a deal and was released from prison. He was one of several co-conspirators that had been killed. Hamilton's mysterious partner is the target of a federal investigation. Rita shows up to tell Pride that Hamilton is about to make a deal and get out of prison. Everyone shows up at 5 a.m. to aid Pride, even FBI Agent Isler. Pride goes to talk to Hamilton, and Isler sends Gregorio as a chaperone. Pride and Hamilton just get into an argument. Evidence points to D.A. Investigator Charles Fournier, whose wife was killed in the Clearwater flooding, as the killer. Pride asked Deputy Director Prince to fire him so he can go undercover and approach Fournier about killing Hamilton. Pride leaves Isler in charge of his team. A fire alarm goes off, and the courtroom is cleared. Fournier tells Pride to shoot Hamilton, but instead Pride tries to get the partner's name from Fournier. But Fournier is killed by Asst. U.S. Attorney Jan Shumaker, who ditches her gun and blames Pride for shooting Fournier. Pride frees Hamilton and they go on the run. The shooter wasn't Shumaker, but actually someone who killed the real attorney and took her place, and she's hiding now. Pride takes Hamilton to the levee, but can't shoot him. While shouting at Pride, Hamilton slips and falls in the water and gets caught against the grate, but Pride rescues him. The team finds them and tells them they got his partner's name off the hitwoman's cell phone. It was Judge Edwin Miller, arrested by the FBI. Deputy Director Prince cleared Pride from further supervision. Pride goes to the prison and visits his father, spying Hamilton on the way in.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Rita: Hamilton's about to make a deal, Dwayne. He's getting out of prison.
Pride: Over my dead body.

So much for treating this like any other case.