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Lt. Commander Elaine Dodd is found hanging dead during the Louisiana Pirate Festival. The killers peeled skin off of her arm. She was searching for the Napoleon Fleur-de-lis. Her arm had map coordinates to find the treasure. Sebastian and Pride follow the coordinates to a church looking for the next clue, and they get shot at. They find a secret compartment under a statue. Inside is a puzzle book. Dodd's father Tom wants to help get information on two suspects from a smuggler. Gregorio and Sebastian go to meet with a Lafitte expert, Michelle Faucheux. They find her place trashed, and her hiding in the closet. Those suspects had broken in to her home. They take her back to headquarters for protective custody. MIchelle and Sebastian open the puzzle book. Pride warns them the killers are nearby. Pride plans to let the suspects follow them as they search for the treasure. Gregorio, Sebastian and Michelle head for a cemetery. Sebastian is falling for Michelle, but Gregorio tells him Michelle plays for her team. They find clues for the puzzle book at crypts. Michelle is feeding information to the smugglers. She traps Sebastian and Gregorio in a crypt. Percy and LaSalle search for them. Pride is tracking the GPS of the smugglers' phones. Pride agrees to let Tom back him up. Sebastian starts a fire with gun powder and candles, which allows the others to find them. Pride goes after the smugglers, but leaves Tom with the keys to the gun box. Pride catches up to Michelle, but the other two take Tom hostage. Pride has to dig, and hits something solid. Tom and Pride break loose, and the rest of the team catches up. They find the treasure, which Tom donates it to the city. Pride calls his daughter Laurel.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Treasure hunting sure has changed. It used to be all about the hunt.


Pride: It looks like we beat whoever killed Elaine to the first clue.
Sebastian: So that means we are on a real-life treasure hunt.