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Special Agent Stan Burley alerts the NCIS team when a group of volunteer doctors (working for International Doctors Group - IDG) in South Sudan are attacked. Three are killed and two are kidnapped by a rogue African group.

Tony and Bishop go to IDG headquarters to speak with one of the founding doctors. Turns out one of them is one of Tony's former girlfriends, Jeanne Benoit. Her husband David Woods is one of the kidnapped doctors.

Dr. Taft - Gibbs' surgeon when he was shot in the chest and leg - shows up at NCIS, looking for information on one of the volunteers named Joni Ryan who was involved with the attack in South Sudan. Gibbs tells him that she's one of the people who was kidnapped.

Gibbs collapses in the bullpen. Dr. Taft sends him to the hospital for tests. He assigns Gibbs to modified duty at home.

McGee and Tony go to the Sudan to assist in the search for the missing medical personnel, along with Jeanne Benoit.

Ducky and Palmer discover puncture wounds on the bottom of the victims' feet. Abby examines the substance found in each of the wounds and determines that it's a type of poison. According to the tribe's mythology, this is to prevent the dead victims from rising up again.

Taft tells Gibbs his medical tests all turned out normal. He says his collapse may be related to residual mental angst over almost getting killed six months ago. He tells him he needs to talk with someone and get therapy or group counseling.

Gibbs argues with Taft, saying he's not willing to go for therapy. He offers Taft half of his steak. Taft spears the steak, walks over to the garbage can and dumps it in.

Tony, McGee, Benoit and Burley find a survivor named Bahar hiding in a closet. She threatens them with one of the knives left behind by the attackers.

Abby and Palmer discover meaning in an engraving on the knife. It translates as "ferocious animal", which also happens to be the nickname of a general of a rebel army.

Bishop locates information on the location of the rebel army. She indicates that the NSA has reported that the general was critically wounded a few days ago. Abby theorizes that the doctors were abducted to save the general.

Bishop lets Tony and McGee know the general's possible location.

Gibbs goes to Taft's office and agrees to talk out his fears, but only with him.

Tony, McGee, Benoit and Burley find the campsite where the rebels are forcing their victims to work on the injured general.

Bishop arranges for a satellite feed so that she and Gibbs can watch and provide support.

Burley shoots at some gas tanks near the camp, to provide a distraction for the soldiers. Meanwhile Tony and McGee sneak into the camp and rescue the medical staff.

They run to a humvee, but the rebel soldiers quickly catch up and begin firing at them.

Gibbs calls in air support. A gunship helicopter arrives and mows down the rebel soldiers, allowing all of them to escape unharmed.

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NCIS Season 13 Episode 8 Quotes

McGee: It's gotta be weird for you on some level.
Tony: Yeah. I think the word is totally surreal. All of it. The truly weird part is, I'm happy for her.
McGee: You should be happy for yourself, too. You don't have to carry around all that guilt anymore.
Tony: Maybe. Maybe not.

Taft: What are you afraid of, Gibbs?
Gibbs: Nothing.
Taft: Cut the crap. Life threw you a major league curve. You get a lot of support but at the end of the day, when your head hits the pillow, it's just you. Admitting at least that much might be half the battle. Everybody's afraid of something. Even the great Leroy Jethro Gibbs.