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The NCIS team investigates after a bomb kills Jessica Schaefer, who had just quit as the lawyer of Gabriel Hicks, the man who Gibbs and Fornell believed to be a sadistic serial killer.

They instantly suspect Hicks to be behind the Schaefer's death but have little to no evidence at first. Then they learn that Schaefer had visited Hicks' former cellmate, Paul Triff.

Triff agrees to help the team stop Hicks on the condition that he gets a two-day furlow at his old apartment -- which just so happens to be occupied by McGee now.

Desperate for anything to stop Hicks, they agree, much to McGee's dismay. Triff in turn points them to the location of Hicks's original murder weapon, hidden inside a van seized years ago by the FBI.

Hicks assaults and kidnaps Fornell, locking him up in the trunk of a stolen vehicle, before turning up at McGee's apartment. He intents to get rid of obth McGee and Triff.

Triff, however, insults and provokes Hicks, luring him close before attacking him. Triff ends up taking a bullet for his troubles before Hicks flees the building.

Hicks encounters Gibbs on his way out but manages to evade him. He escapes in his car, but Fornell frees himself from the trunk and causes Hicks to crash.

Gibbs catches up in time to save Fornell by tasing Hicks with Fornell's TASER, which the murderer had stolen.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 15 Quotes

Bishop: The inmate Jessica Schaeffer met with was Paul Triff.
Torres: What?! Hold on! As in the guy who carved up three bodies with an electric knife in McGee’s apartment and buried a mummified body under the floor? *That* Paul Triff?

Fornell: How the hell does he know I’m in here?
Sloane: He can probably hear you grinding your teeth.