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When the head of cardio from another hospital who is supposed to take care of cases while a cardio conference is taking place, Floyd has to fix him up and take his place.

Max puts the staff under pressure when he takes Baptist hospitals er patients. Her treats a homeless woman and agrees to help her brother.

He has to take the brother to the hospital eventually. He treats him.

He does a scan for Helen.

Lauren loses her Adderall and Casey takes it thinking it's ibuprofen. She is annoyed with how chaotic everything is.

Floyd is overwhelmed but refuses to delegate. Eventually he has to give in ahe allow his resident to help him.

Helen treats a young girl whose cancer returned. She is heartbroken when she has to tell the family and explain what death is probably like.

Iggy and his patients help plant an urban garden. He reassures Jemma that all will be well with heart adoption.

Kapoor treats a woman who doesn't think he knows what he's doing. He ponders his potential date.

Helen tells Max that he had to stay chemo and radiation soon. Max takes care of Georgia and surprises her by taking the day off.

New Amsterdam
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