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This week, on Nikita...

- The episode starts out with Nikita visiting a friend with very big guns, and her eye lands on a sniper. The friend knows Division is after her and attempts to kill her. Right, like you can kill Nikita. He ends up being smacked around by Division after Nikita gets the gun she wants and leaves.

- Michael and Percy take on a Slavic war criminal, but are unaware that other “agency” is also out to get him, and their share of the explosives he’s hoarding.

- Alex pretends to be lacking hacking skill in the classroom. as to not come off obvious, making her already rude teacher become annoyed with her. She seems to have a knack for gun building those. Like she said to Jaden, “must be the drugs."

- Despite playing dumb, Alex is activated on her first operation and goes undercover to meet with the criminal. She gets cocky, and things end badly when the criminal starts to go after her and Michael is forced to save her. During this, because of being warned, Nikita is nearby with the sniper gun and shoots one of the other agents, saving Michaels life.

- Eventually Division catches up with this agency and the criminal, and everyone ends up dead, except Nikita who got to him. Michael has a clear shot and lets Nikita live, yet again.

- We see a few broken up flashbacks of Alex’s life just one year ago when Nikita found out about her. We see Nikita save Alex from rape and put Alex through detox and save her life when she attempts suicide.

- We learn that Division is responsible for the death of Alex’s parents, giving Alex something to live for when she thought she had nothing. Now she can live to make sure Division goes down.

- The gun friend from the first scene ends up playing phone operator, as Michael and Nikita talk about Division’s plan and her involvement. Michael realizes that Nikita didn’t set up anything.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The last word they breathe before the end, will be my name.


Druggie: Who are you?
Nikita: Her fairy god mother.

Nikita Season 1 Episode 2 Music

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Diurea Diurea Street Light Suzie iTunes
Im in here I'm In Here Sia iTunes