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After Sarah Keaton's death, Oscar loses his sobriety to mask the pain he allegedly feels over her death. A loose cannon out on the world, Jake is charged with protecting him from himself, both the drinking and in the media.

He holes up in a hotel room, unable to go home, but his excessive drinking takes him to the hotel bar, leading to a bar fight. In an attempt to calm the storm, Jake gives in to the detective so they'll arrest Oscar and give him a place to sober up while Jake can begin to prepare his defense and paint him in a grieving light after being arrested at his wife's funeral.

At LHL, Julia attempts to get Sarah's brother onto her show, but he's less than willing. Alan Wells had a falling out with his brother-in-law, but after the pathetic excuse of a funeral, he's ready to talk.

Elsewhere, Jake helps a mother whose baby boy went missing two days prior. After an ex-boyfriend said she didn't have a child, Julia begins to dig, and finds out about her abusive ex locked up in prison, and his parole shocked her into faking her child's abduction so he couldn't abuse him like he did to her.

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Notorious Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Louise: Abby, what do you miss most about Noah?
Abby: The way he looks at me in the morning when I pick him up out of his crib.

Oscar Keaton is a person of interest, and has been asked to stay in L.A.