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-In Storybrooke, Belle feels she can't trust Rumple and leaves him. Her father has her kidnapped and tries to force her over the Storybrooke border so she will forget her love for Rumple.

-With Charming and Ruby's help, Rumple rescues Belle but she won't go back to him or her father.  Rumple reopens the library and gives her a key. She can run it and live upstairs.

-Rumple tells her the truth. That he's always been a coward. That power is his crutch and that he hopes to magically break the new curse so he can leave town and find his son.  Belle asks him to dinner.

-In the Fairy Tale past, Rumple's wife Mila leaves him and Baelfour and runs off for adventure with a pirate Captain named Killian.  Killian shames Rumple as a coward and tells him his wife is dead.

-When Rumple turns dark, he tracks down Killian and finds Mila alive.  They are in love and Mila offers him a magic bean in for their lives.  When Mila says she never loved him, Rumple grows angry and kills her, then cuts off Killian's hand to take the bean.

-Killian tricked him and kept the bean. He uses it to head to Neverland.

-In the Fairy Tale present, Killian is now Captain Hook and he's working with Cora to make it to Storybrooke.

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Other wives became honored widows while I became lashed to the village coward.


Don't get your hopes up. The night life is extremely limited.