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-The dwarves realize that when someone crosses the Storybrooke city limits, they lose all of their memories about their fairy tale selves.

-Charming finds Jefferson who confirms that the Enchanted Forest still exists but he can't help anyone get there.

-Regina gets a book of spells from Rumple and uses it to gain her magic back.  She then takes Henry back to her home.

-Regina remember banishing her own mother through a looking glass back in the fairy tale world.  She swore she'd never become her.

-Regina gives Henry back to Charming and tells Henry she wants him to come back when he wants to be with her and that she's going to redeem herself.

-Afraid of Regina, the townspeople try to flee Storybrooke but Charming convinces them not to.

-In fairy tale world, Mulan has Emma and Snow thrown into a pit, a makeshift prison underground.  Snow is unconscious when a figure approaches them and offers help.  It's Cora, Regina's mother.

Once Upon a Time
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