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Emma figures out that David and Mary Margaret are under Arthur’s spell and that he wants to use the dagger to fix Excalibur. 

Emma uses a dreamcatcher to see that many years ago in Camelot the Dark One turned Merlin into a  tree. The Dark One used a tear of lost love to trap him. Regina thinks that another tear of lost love could set him free. Emma uses a dreamcatcher to make Regina see the moment when Cora killed Daniel and it causes Regina to cry. Emma catches her tear. The spell doesn’t work because Regina is now in love with Robin. 

Henry hosts a romantic dinner for Violet while Granny’s is closed. Violet tries soda for the first time and asks Henry if he’s courting her. She says she doesn’t feel the same way about him. She only wants to be friends. He tells his moms and they take one of his tears to make the potion. 

The potion works. Merlin is freed from the tree and he lifts the spell from David and Mary Margaret.  He also tells Emma that she must want to be rid of the darkness in order for it to work. 

Back in Storybrooke of the present, Belle tells the others that Rumple is missing. Emma orders Merida to take Rumplestilskin to the woods and make him brave. Merida realizes she needs to find something to make him brave so she goes back and steals the chipped tea cup and makes him fight for it. 

When Violet’s horse runs off in Storybrooke, Henry turns to Emma to help find it. Emma helps find it but she can’t get near the animal because it knows she’s the Dark One and becomes frightened. Henry has to handle the horse and he brings it back to Violet. Violet kisses him. 

Regina, Robin, Belle, and Hook break into Emma’s and find Excalibur in the basement. The also find a dreamcatcher. Regina thinks she used it to get rid of their memories. When she looks through one of the dreamcatchers she sees Violet’s memories. Turns out Emma stole Violet’s heart and made her tell him she only wanted to be friends. She needed Violet to break Henry’s heart in order to get his tear.  Henry sees the memory and is heartbroken.

At the party, Arthur tells the others that once Excalibur and the dagger are reunited they can be used to either destroy all of the dark magic or all of the light magic. 

Once Upon a Time
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