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In Oz, many years ago, Zelena tries to make a time travel spell by using the Scarecrow’s brain but Dorothy comes back to Oz and foils her plans. Hades shows up offering help but she turns him down. Hades says that his brother, Zeus, stopped his heart and all he can feel is anger but true love’s kiss can break the curse. He wants to time travel spell to make sure he ends up on Mt. Olympus and that Zeus suffers. 

Hades helps Zelena get the Scarecrow’s brain. He tells Zelena he thinks he’s falling in love with her. He wants to kiss her but she refuses, not believing him. She thinks he’s only using her because she’s convinced no one could love her. She sends him back to the Underworld, heartbroken. 

In the Underworld, Hades orders Gold to make a portal so that he can bring Zelena’s baby back to the Underworld and he’ll rip up the contract that gives Gold’s next child to him. 

In Storybrooke, Belle finds Zelena masquerading as the Mother Superior. She’s come back for her baby. When a portal opens up, Belle ends up being pulled into it with the baby and Zelena jumps in after them. Then end up in the Underworld and Zelena’s leg is injured. Zelena is desperate to keep her baby safe but Belle takes her and leaves. 

Zelena shows up at Emma’s apartment to tell everyone that her baby is in danger. Robin, Regina, and Zelena find Belle and the baby. Zelena uses magic to run off with the child but later realizes that her magic has hurt the baby and she gives her back to Robin. Zelena finds Hades and accuses him of trying to steal her baby for the time travel spell. He says he was trying to rescue her baby from the heroes and that the reason the Underworld looks like Storybrooke was so he could give her everything her sister has.  

Hades offers to get her baby back for her but Zelena still isn’t sure she can trust him is determined to do it on her own. He promises to wait for her until she decides she wants him. 

Gold finds Belle and the baby. He tells Belle about the contract with Hades and tells Belle that she’s pregnant. When he says he’ll use all of his power to fix it, she realizes that he’s the Dark One once again. He says he’s always been part man and part beast and that’s who she fell in love with and he’s not going to change. Belle is horrified. 

Snow and David want to talk to baby Neal back in Storybrooke. The blind witch tells them they can do a simple level one haunting to let him hear their voices. Henry writes in his book that Neal heard their voices while in his crib. 


Once Upon a Time
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