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CO Bayley's background is explored. He's always been directionless and is usually one to fall into peer pressure. In the present, Bayley tells Caputo about the previous night where Piscatella interrogated inmates and CO Humphrey started a fight club. When Caputo goes to suspend Humphrey, Piscatella shuts Caputo down. Caputo later tells Bayley to quit this job, and that it will change him. 

Healy checks himself into a clinic after failing to help Lolly.

Sophia is now out of the SHU, but doesn't feel like herself. Gloria helps her take a step forward by getting Sophia's wig back where in belongs.

Doggett urges Big Boo to let go of her anger over Coates, because she has foriven him, and she wants to be friends with Big Boo again. 

Poussey and SoSo think about what their future will look like. Poussey asks Judy if she could help her after she gets out of prison, and Judy says she would be happy to help her find a job. Poussey and SoSo get in an argument about the peaceful protest SoSo thinks could change the prison for the better.

The leaders of the different families group together to take down Piscatella. When their own prejudices get in the way, it looks like their peaceful protest won't happen. When Piscatella pushes a tired Red to the ground, all the inmates gradually get on top of the tables. Piscatella orders the CO's to take them down. Suzanne starts panicking and Piscatella tells CO Bayley to restrain Suzanne. Poussey tries to help Suzanne and ends up getting pinned under Bayley's knee as he tries to contain Suzanne. Poussey slowly dies from lack of oxygen. The room goes silent once Taystee sees her best friend lying dead on the floor.


Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Caputo: Listen to me. This isn't for someone like you. This place crushes anything good. It's like a monster that's grown too big for its stubby little legs, and now it's stumbling around crushing whole cities. You can't survive it Bayley.
Bayley: Are you the city or the monster, sir?
Caputo: Neither. Both, I... Even if you're the city now, one day you'll be the monster. Working here changes who you are.

Look, I still got some time left here, but I'm getting out eventually, and it feels like it's time to start focusing on that. Make sure I have a plan.