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Sarah wakes up imprisoned. Ferdinand takes her to see Rachel, who offers an ultimatum. She wants Sarah's permission to take Kira and have Dyad study her, without harming her, to see what makes her special. Sarah refuses, but S and Kira are brought in and S is going along with it. Sarah begrudgingly agrees to allow Rachel to pick Kira up from school the next day (where Rachel reenrolled Kira), and they go home.

Once home, S, Sarah, and Felix plot Sarah's escape with Kira. They enlist the help of MK, who was tracked down by Scott and Hell Wizard. MK comes up with a way for the mother and daughter to escape without being seen, but Sarah is told she can then never return. Unfortunately, MK has also fallen ill with the same genetic illness that Cosima is working on curing.

Back on the Island, Cosima tries to investigate what is going on there with PT Westmorland. She has Charlotte introduce her to the young girl Aisha who Delphine examined in the premiere. The girl has an aggressive form of cancer, and Westmorland has promised to cure her and help her live a long time as he has.

Later, Mud brings Cosima to meet with Westmorland, who has taken an interest in her. Cosima and Westmorland discuss the results of Cosima's medical trial since Rachel administered the cure. He tells her that her results have been remarkable -- the treatment appears to be working. He promises that together they can cure her sisters and help them all live a long time. Cosima will be able to keep doing her work if she stays there.

Alison, brought home by Neolution and not knowing where Helena and Donnie are, is careful to do what Neolution says, but can't give them information about her sister and husband's whereabouts. She is intent on reclaiming her position as coordinator of the church fall fair, after she gets a message that she was replaced by Nona Walker because she didn't show up to the planning meeting. Art and his new partner enforce Neolution's rule that Alison cannot leave the house until after Helena and Donnie are found.

Meanwhile, Donnie and Helena are at the hospital, where the branch was removed from her stomach. The nurses do an ultrasound to check on the babies, noting that the branch punctured the amniotic sac and sternum of one of the twins. But when they do the ultrasound, the twin is perfectly healthy and healed. Helena realizes that her babies are special, like Kira. When the doctor attempts to perform an amniocentesis, she attacks her and traps her by driving the needle through her cheek and impaling her to the table. Helena escapes, with Donnie trailing after her.

Ferdinand and Rachel start having sex, but Rachel refuses to hit Ferdinand -- she doesn't feel the need to hurt him anymore, since her life has found meaning thanks to Westmorland. Ferdinand becomes upset and they stop having sex, but they agree to continue to work together.

Sarah brings Kira to school the next morning. Kira has a blast at school and does really well. S, Felix, and Sarah enact their plan to get Kira away. Sarah picks up Kira while posing as Rachel. They get away successfully. Felix and S take Kira and Sarah goes to retrieve MK who opted to stay behind at the loft, choosing to allow herself to die of her illness.

When Sarah gets to the loft, trailed by Ferdinand, MK refuses to go. Instead, she insists on switching outfits with Sarah, so Sarah can get away with Kira. Sarah escapes. Ferdinand finds MK in Rachel's outfit. Enraged at Rachel's rejection, he savagely stomps on MK's chest, killing her horribly.

When Sarah gets to the rendezvous point and tries to get Kira to go in the van, Kira refuses to go. She announces that MK is dead (she sensed it). She wants to stay behind and go with Rachel, so she can find out why she is the way she is and has these powers. Sarah breaks down and cries. They don't leave.

Later, Rachel comes by to pick up Kira, who doesn't even say goodbye to a broken Sarah

Later that night, S is alone when she hears someone at the door. It is Delphine, who wants to speak with her alone about something important and says it is best if no one else knows they are communicating.

Orphan Black
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Shove it up your bleached ass.

Sarah [to Rachel]

So, is Sarah Manning finally ready to behave?