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Outlander Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Journeycake

Outlander Review: Journeycake

Our review of Outlander Season 5 Episode 11 uncovers the sadness about time travel and the consequences of staying behind. Read on for more.
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Outlander Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Monsters and Heroes

Outlander Review: Monsters and Heroes

Read our review of Outlander Season 5 Episode 9 to get thoughts on Jamie's perilous situation, bonding with Roger, and how the women fared while the men were away.
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Jamie: I couldna look at ye and keep my hands from ye, nor be near ye and not want ye.
Claire: Is that how you felt the first time we lay together?
Jamie: It's always been forever for me, Sassenach.

Sex was our bridge back to one another. The one place where we always met. Whatever obstacles presented themselves during the day or night, we could seek out and find each other again in bed. As long as we had that, I had faith that everything would work out.

Claire voiceover about Frank