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Boston – 1954 Claire is with her daughter at the library, looking at a photo of a heron. She once saw one in Scotland, she says, which she visited a long time ago.

In Paris, Claire is at the hospital and calling for her baby and Jamie. It's rather a mess. Mother Hildegarde tells her to stay quiet as she holds her hand.

She later wakes up in a four poster bed, crying for her baby. Mother Hildegarde comes to her. The baby was born dead. Claire screams that she wants her baby, making such a ruckus that she knocks the statue of the Virgin Mary to the ground, shattering it.

Mother Hildegarde baptised the baby and gave her baby a name, Faith. It's illegal unless the baby is living, but knows Claire will keep it between them and God. A Father shows up to give Claire Last Rites. There is no word of Jamie.

The Father asks Claire about her sins, but she will not confess. Her sins are all she has left.

Master Raymond sneaks into the hospital. Claire hadn't passed all of the placenta, so her body was festering. Master Raymond had magic in his hands and pulled it away.

Raymond tells her why he called her Madonna, not because she was with child, but because she has a blue aura, much like the blue veil the Virgin Mary wears and much like his own. They will meet again.

Claire tells Mother Hildegarde that Jamie betrayed her just as clearly as if he ran his sword through her and their child. Jamie is in the Bastille for for dueling.

Fergus finally showed up weeks later with flowers asking Claire to come home.

Suzette cries for Claire when she arrives, and everyone welcomes her home bittersweetly when she arrives.

Fergus brushes Claire's hair and then hesitates in the room. Nothing, m'lady.

Claire looks at the spoons Jamie bought, crying. She goes upstairs and hears Ferbus crying and screaming out in his sleep. Stop! She goes to ask him what he's dreaming about.

Fergus tells Claire about sniffing around the Englishman's room. He found a bottle of perfume. He was too afraid to give it to her after what happened. Fergus said he should have kept quiet. If he had only kept quiet, m'lord wouldn't have come running. The duel wouldn't have occurred.

Every time Claire says Fergus, it sounds like she's saying "fuckers." Claire talks to Mother Hildegarde about getting a private audience with the King so she can petition for Jamie's release.

Mother Hildegarde tells Claire the King will most likely want to have sex with her for the request. Claire doesn't really care about her virtue.

When she arrives to chat with King Louis, she's on full flirt mode. But the King doesn't want her for sex, at least not at first. She's taken into a special room where she sees the executioner. Le Comte St. Germain and Master Raymond are brought into the room and she must determine which of them has darkness in their soul to be handed over to the executioner and put to death.

Claire couldn't condemn St. Germain to death and said all are with darkness within, even a king, because you need darkness to have light. It doesn't work exactly, and Claire punts again with Bitter Cascara to avoid them handling a deadly serpent.

But when Claire gave Master Raymond the cup, it was poisoned. Claire's necklace turned dark red as she passed from Raymond to St. Germain. St. Germain cries as he sets to drink the poison and damns Claire and Raymond.

Louis makes sure Master Raymond knows never to return to France and then gets payments from Claire.

That was hardly worth the fuss.

I'm so glad she took the orange.

Jamie comes home with a full beard, saddened that they didn't know if it was a boy or a girl. Claire admits she knows it was a girl and she was named Faith.

Then Claire tells Jamie Mother Hildegarde let her hold Faith and she held her all day long. Louise finally had to come and help her friend, asking to hold Faith so Claire would part with her daughter.

I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind blaming it all on Jamie. Then Claire finally said she asked the impossible of Jamie, followed him to the woods and put Frank before her family.


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Outlander Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Fergus: It's not just a dream.
Claire: What is it?
Fergus: The Englishman, m'lady.
Claire: What Englishman? Fergus. Tell me.

My husband betrayed me, Mother. Revenge mattered more to him than me, or his child.