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Claire comes across a dead Highlander at a break stop in their travels and talks about her fears in a voiceover. 

At camp Jamie listens to the arguments between the Quartermaster and the Lord General about crossing the marsh to take on the British. Right now they are at a standstill, neither side willing to cross the marsh. Prince Charles can't make up his mind and the Quartermaster storms out.

Prince Charles tells Jamie he wants the infirmary to care for dead British soldiers before caring for the Scottish. Jamie doesn't like that idea and lets him know Claire won't follow that rule either, but Charles thinks if Jamie orders her to do it, she'll listen. Jamie just smirks.

Jamie comes upon his men and tells them what is going on. He talks to Dougal about the marsh. Dougal takes his horse to see if the marsh is crossable. It's not and he gets a flesh wound when the British soldiers shoot at him.

The Prince is impressed by what Dougal did and hugs him when he returns. Dougal is in seventh heaven from the Prince's accolades.The Prince wants to break the stalemate and orders the General to do so.

Claire is at the infirmary training the ladies on procedures and such.  Fergus is being obnoxious while she's trying to talk. A bit later Fergus comes with a guy named Anderson who knows a secret path around the marsh. He takes him to the General.

The General is suspicious and since the Quartermaster isn't around to ask, Prince Charles makes the decision to follow the boy and make a surprise attack on the British.

It's the eve of battle and Kincaid tells Ross that if something should happen, all that is his goes to him. They make a pact. Angus overhears and makes a pact with Rupert. Rupert doesn't like it, because he feels he sealing his fate.

Jamie comes upon Murtagh who is sharpening his dagger. He's not thrilled with what's to come. Jamie has nothing to offer. They must do what they must do.

Jamie goes to say goodbye to Claire. Fergus wants to fight, but Jamie says no. Angus comes in and asks Claire for a kiss. She obliges. T

Then they're off. Anderson leads the way on through the secret trail. There is a bit of marsh.

Claire is checking everything over. She's looking for Fergus, but he's not around. He snuck out and joined the soldiers.

The men are walking through a very thick fog and takes until morning to get to their destination. Once there, Prince Charles wants to lead the army, but Jamie convinces him to stay behind and stay safe. Jamie leads the men into battle.

Back at the hospital, Claire gives a speech to the woman to try to calm their fears.

It's a bloody and violent and there's death on both sides. The women hear the cannons. One of the women starts praying.

Hospital is full of the wounded. Ross brings Kincaid in, but he's dead. Back at the battle field, Fergus kills a British soldier. There's more bloodshed as the battle continues. The images are powerful and disturbing.

Injured British soldiers have arrived and they seek aid from the infirmary. Claire starts working on them.

Rupert is stabbed by a soldier. Angus brings him in. Claire tends to him. Rupert's calling for Angus because Angus was caught in a cannonball attack, but Angus claims he's fine. We flashback to the event. 

Angus is really concerned about Rupert. He has injuries from the cannonball, but Claire thinks its just a concussion.

Jamie shows up and he's happy. He claims victory. Murtagh follows.

Fergus is okay, but shell shocked from the experience.

Dougal is still on the battlefield, killing the British soldiers who are injured and should be brought to the infirmary. He comes across a solder who knows him from his travel with Claire. He sits with him, but refuses to take him to the infirmary. When the soldier tells him they have no chance against the British Army, Dougal straddles him and kills him, violently.

Back at the infirmary, Ross covers Kincaid. He's devastated. Angus watches, so does Murtagh and Jamie. Angus starts holding his head, but walks away.

Claire checks Jamie for injuries and notices a horse's hoof on his shirt. He tells her that he got stepped on and she orders him to pee in a container so she can make sure his kidneys are okay. He tells a British soldier to hold the container and they make a game out of it, the soldier challenging him to pee from a distance.

Prince Charles walks in and spoils the fun. He congratulates Jaime and gives a speech. Dougal arrives all giddy from his nastiness and sees the British soldiers. He's no happy. He wants to kill them all, but Jamie stops him. He doesn't realize the prince is there. The Prince is not happy and kicks him out of the arm, but Jamie saves the day by suggesting a promotion. He suggests Dougal be in charge of scouting. The Prince likes the idea.

Dougal thanks Jamie after the Prince leaves, but tells him he knows he was just championed and exiled at the same time. Jamie smirks.

Jamie goes to Angus who's more injured than Claire thought. He's got internal bleeding and starts having a seizure. There's nothing they can do, but watch the man die.

Rupert gets up and takes Angus' sword. What's mine is yours.

There's a victory celebration later, but Dougal isn't celebrating. Claire and Jamie talk. Claire is concerned about Culloden.

Rupert and Ross come out of the infirmary drunk and singing songs in honor of their dead friends.

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm talkin' to the Prince.


I feared in my heart that history would not be rewritten, that no matter how many battles we would win, vicotry would remain out of reach.