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Claire wakes up to the sound of horses. Jamie has just come home from Maison Elise.

He's home only for a change of clothes and off again. Busy, busy, busy!

At tea, Mary says she cannot marry a Frenchman. Her maid says a Frenchman will take his thing and shove it between his lady's legs and right up insider her. Surely an Englishman or a Scot would not do something like that to their women. Not where she came from. When she says where she came from, Siefert, in Sussex, Claire remembers where she saw Mary's name before. When Frank showed her his family tree.

Jack Randall has to live for at least another year. He's Frank's direct ancestor.

Claire catches Murtagh with her ladies maid, Suzette. When he apologizes, she freaks out. Realizing she's not herself, she apologizes and confides in him. The Duke's secretary is Alex Randall and Jack recovered.

He's happy Claire hasn't told Jamie. He thinks if she doesn't Jamie would run back to Scotland, which would most likely end with Jamie being hanged whether he killed Randall or not.

Jamie and Duverney are playing chess. Jamie is annoyingly good, winning again.

Jamie wants Duverney to tell Prince Charles that King Louis has no intention to fund the rebellion. They must not invade until they have what they need to win.

Claire finds the herbalist fraternizing with the ship's captain. She's not pleased with it, but he says he must frolick with those he despises by way of business. He also sells "poison" that is not poison at all, but masks as such so those who think they're aimed to kill do not do it.

Claire laments she's becoming too conventional. Master Raymond suggests she try to get a job at the local hospital. The sister is amazed at her skill, and she soon moves upward.

Duverney does what Jamie asked, but Prince Charlie tells the fellows he has already secured nearly all the funds necessary to wage a campaign on behalf of his father.

Jamie is not at all pleased that Claire is volunteering at the hospital. She might catch something that will harm the baby. She promises she's only working with the injured and not the contagious, but he doesn't care. She wants to be happy and feel useful. Jamie still doesn't care.

Jamie then tells Claire about Charlie's offer to Duverney about England and France becoming allies. Claire can't believe that, since they don't become allies for another hundred years. She's sorry he's unhappy that changing the future has all fallen upon him, but yes, being at the hospital did make her feel good. Jamie wonders when he gets to feel good and find meaning in his day and storms out.

Suzette notes to Murtagh they aren't having enough sex.

Jamie is hanging out at the brothel. He spots a young boy picking the pockets of the patrons and takes off after him.

The kid has Jamie's snake.

Someone breaks glass at Claire's place. She stomps out in her dressing robe, finding the kid in her dining room. He compliments her breasts. Jamie calls him Fergus, hired him for Maison Elise, but didn't want to exactly explain it to Claire until she demanded explanation.

Fergus is going to steal letters, copy them and put them back before anyone even knows they're missing. Goodnight.

Jamie comes to Claire and Mother Hildegard for help with a musical key. Mother notes her friend Johann Sebastian Bach sends her pieces and inventions all the time, but what was in the letter was in a different key five times. Sandringham is the key. He's been hedging his bets for and against the rebellion. They get ready to celebrate, but Murtagh reminds her if Jamie sits down with Sandringham, he's sure to find out about Randall.

Jamie toasts to their success. Claire hesitates. She just likes seeing him so happy.

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

What is politics but chess on a grand scale?


Claire: I don't suppose you ever thought of birth control?
Murtagh: Control?
Claire: Never mind. I'll pick up something for Suzette.