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The army is encamped in northern England, awaiting further instruction from Prince Charles. As luck would have it, Jamie is with Prince Charles.

They're five days from reaching London, and the generals want them to turn back. They're afraid of the three armies that are between them and London. Jamie says it's doubtful they'll meet all three at once, but if they're careful, they'll power through. If they turn back, the people will lose all hope.

Charles worries if they spurn God's divine gift, whose power has been with them through all, it might not be with them again. Only Jamie is willing to stand by his side and continue fighting.

They're going back to Scotland for the winter.

Later that night, Jamie says a prayer over Claire's body, asking that God protect her from harm so that she can one day bear them a child.

Dougal runs into the house bearing a message that says Dougal and Jamie are to immediately away to Inverness. They're being exiled. The Prince even took Jamie's horse, saying he knew Jamie wouldn't mind.

All the while, Claire tends to the needs of the people, pulling teeth and splinters. They surely didn't expect an attack while they sat peacefully at riverside. The British were none too happy to see them and shots were flying.

Just when the tiny group of our best known characters think they lost the Brits, another chunk of them come out of the trees. Trying to hide in broad daylight isn't so easy, but it appears they do it.

In the fighting, Angus' friend loses an eye. Just as it's wrapped up, the redcoats approach the church. Claire decides to use herself as an English hostage so they won't torch the church.

The soldiers allowed the men to leave only if they gave up Claire. It worked. But how would Jamie find Claire? She notes that she has a severe shortage of breadcrumbs.

On the door they enter, there are wanted posters all over it of her gang. It's kind of hard to believe she's part of a gang.

A nasty redcoat says to her that it looks like she could do with warming up, then leans back into his chair as if he's a playgirl model. Disgusting.

A beggar outside the tavern approaches Claire and the soldier. It's one of Jamie's men, and Claire manages to tell him where they're really going. Where is she going? She's taken to home of the Duke of Sandringham. He plays along while in front of the soldier.

Sandringham has only one servant and a valet. He treats her to dinner and and a drink. Sandringham, it turns out, is still accused of being a Jacobite. His home being watched by soldiers. He's intent on going with Claire when Jamie rescues her.

After Claire finishes writing a note to Jamie to be delivered to the beggar, Mary appears. Sandringham left that out. It's time for them to catch up.

While the Duke is blabbering about the soldiers taking their leave for a short while, Claire notices his man's jacket. It was Sandringham who arranged for the rape of Mary, which was supposed to be the rape of Claire, in exchange for payment to the Comte St. Germain for money Sandringham just didn't have. Now Sandringham is hoping Claire and Jamie might be hanged side by side. So romantic, he says.

Jamie gets the note, which was a lot more helpful than Sandringham or Claire realized.

Mary finds Claire locked in her room and frees her. She won't go onto the grounds to locate a filthy beggar, so Claire rushes out. She doesn't get far before she finds Sandringham eating a meal in the kitchen.

He's fascinated about how she killed Comte St. Germain. When Mary finds Claire in the kitchen with Sandringham, she goes out to the beggar.

Stuff happens, and Jamie is in the kitchen. Sandringham's man has a knife to Claire's throat. Claire screams that it's the man who attacked them in Paris. As Mary is listening to everything, she picks up a knife and stabs the dude who raped her. Murtagh uses an ax to put a very gruesome end to Sandringham. He has a head in the game, shall we say. Murtagh walks over to Mary and Claire with the head and says, "I kept my word, I lay my vengeance at your feet."

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Good morning Sassenach. I must give the Prince some credit. It turns out he has a fighting man's heart, even if his generals don't.


I must say, this is a damned inconvenient time to be conciliatory.

Prince Charles